Heels to Halos Volunteer Application

Heels to Halos Inc. want’s to ensure the safety and integrity of our team. We are excited you are interested in being part of the team and we look forward to getting to know you! Please be honest, and tell us more about you! Once you have finished, please return the application to your area outreach team leader, or upload and email to heels2halos@gmail.com your area leader will follow up with you to pick a date for training. Please allow up to seventy-two hours for a response.

Are you at least twenty one years old? YesNo

Best way to reach you. By phone, Text, or Email? PhoneTextEmail

When is the best time for you to meet?

What Church do you attend?

Do you serve in your church? If so, tell us about it!

Share with us your involvement in Church:

What does being spirit filled mean to you?

Are you currently reading any books? If so, what?

Have you ever served in street ministry or evangelism? If so, How often?
Tell us about it.

Have you ever been inside a strip club?

Have you served in any other Strip club outreach teams or human
trafficking organizations?

Tell us why you would like to be involved with Heels to Halos.

How did you hear about Heels to Halos?

Would you mind a background check? YesNo

Are you married? If so, how do you feel your spouse would feel about you
serving in this ministry?

If you are married, Have you talked it over with your spouse before filling
out this application? YesNo

How do you feel about Being associated with a strip club ministry publicly
or on Facebook? (Example: being tagged on posts and photos.)

Where do you want to be involved? Please circle all that apply.

Any experience with grant writing? YesNo

Have you ever worked with a non-profit? YesNo

Do you have Social Media experience? YesNo

Any experience or schooling in counseling? YesNo

Have you ever done website design? YesNo

Have you ever worked closely with trauma victims or in a safe house? YesNo

Do you like to serve behind the scenes? administrative? planning? If so,
What do you enjoy the most?

Have you ever served in your community, organization or church? if so,
where and how long?

What are your gifts? talents?

What do you feel your calling in life is?

What are your gifts? talents?

Where do you feel you can improve?

Have you ever done or been involved in the following? Please put an Check
next to the ones that have applied in your life.
Illegal drugsabusive prescription drug usealcohol abuse or addictionPorn/ Sexual AddictionBeen involved with WitchcraftProblems with angerStruggle with Authority

Have you been involved in the sex industry? YesNo

Have you been inside a strip club or sexually oriented business? YesNo

This is all confidential

How do you feel about sharing your testimony with others? I am Fine with itNo I prefer not to share

How do you feel about public speaking? I am Fine with itNo I prefer not to

What is it about evangelism you enjoy?

How do you feel about praying for strangers? I am Fine with itNo I prefer not to

During an outreach night we are sometimes gone as late as 2AM. How do
you feel about that?

What would you like us to know more about you?

Are you willing to give a six month commitment serving on our team? YesNo

Please list two people as a reference. Along with their contact information.

Heels to Halos mission is to see women in the sex industry saved, delivered and set free. We stand on Ephesians 2:10 and we know The Lord has big plans for each Halo we come in contact with. Thank you
for taking the time to tell us more about you and how you would like to serve with Heels to Halos. We will be getting back to you soon!

Megan M.
President and founder of Heels to Halos Inc.