Heels to Halos creates a bridge between women in the sex industry and a life of freedom. We provide long term free housing for women who are serious about change, and taking the step into freedom and restoration. Our leadership is in place and walk alongside each girl with accountability, structure, and goal-setting in her day-to-day life all the while she maintains a job or chooses to go back to school.

We diligently sit with each of our Halos, and walk them through an individualized plan and goal setting for her short term future . We do provide some medical assistance, dental assistance, counseling and vision assistance free of charge as we have partnered with other organizations in our city.

Heels to Halos intervention and outreach team is inside over 20 strip clubs and brothels all the way from Galveston Island to north Houston and West Houston. We provide information for the women inside of the clubs with resources, prayer, and love.

Heels to Halos founder Megan left the sex industry fifteen years ago. The Lord called her back to provide the same women with hope, and reigniting their dreams they have lost sight of through truth, love and trust.